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Holiday Tipping Guide

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Giving your building staff holiday or end-of-the-year bonuses is not a requirement, but it is a strongly held custom that MD Squared supports as a form of demonstrating appreciation towards those who help make our everyday lives easier. It is no shock to anyone that this year has created more drastic and wide-spread change than any other year before. These essential workers have been making it possible for us to stay safe at home for such a long-term period of time by handling more deliveries of food and online orders while keeping a watchful eye on vacant units and maintaining a sterile environment; all while risking their own health.

A practical rule to live by is to give what you can afford and then focus on each staff member's responsibilities. Other factors to consider are how long they have been in service, your personal relationship with each staff member, and how long you have been living in the building. If you tip throughout the year, take that into consideration when deciding on a year-end amount.

Below is a convenient guide compiled with information from websites across the web, such as Brick Underground, StreetEasy, & Corcoran, to help anyone wondering what the appropriate amounts to give to building and non-building support staff in your life.

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